Walk With Me: Modern Pantry

Team Members Learning Side by Side

Team members love to learn about each other’s jobs and during the Walk With Me events, it’s a great way for team members to network together and know what it’s like to walk in each other’s shoes! Here’s what a few of the participants had to say about their experience.

Wow….what an adorable, awesome, energetic and hardworking team!
Emily Parker, Director of Events & Entertainment

I had the best time working with the Modern Pantry team. They take great pride in crafting
the perfect PJ’s Coffee beverage and making delicious sandwiches and gumbo; they know
how to prepare a huge variety of food items. It’s terrific to see them celebrate with our guests
who arrive wearing birthday beads and excited to pick up their cupcakes. Plus, I learned how
to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate!Kerry Andersen, Director of Public Relations

I had a great time helping and learning during the Modern Pantry Walk With Me. I learned so
much about their processes and food handling. I admire the skills of this team—they bring such
a high quality of service to our guests. Thank you for all that you do! Michael Granger, Continuous Improvement Manager

“What a great team! Erin was amazing at leading her team, encouraging great guest service
and keeping the outlet clean and stocked. The organization that the team has put into
place is essential for turning over so many products in such a small space. Kudos to the
Modern Pantry team!Melissa Smith, Food and Beverage Training Manager

It was such a great opportunity to work this group. They are so much fun and so friendly!
They went out of their way to teach us the ins and outs of their operations. I even learned how to make a great coffee!Megan Gavlick, Special Events Manager