Living Our Values April, May and June Winners

It’s with great pleasure that I share with you our April, May, June recipients in our Living Our Values recognition program. These team members bring our company values to life by delivering excellent service to our internal guests, showing care and compassion for others, and thinking outside the box to bring new creative and innovative ideas to our business.

Please join me in congratulating our LOV Recipients. Listed below are short excerpts from their written nomination. You can nominate a fellow team member at any time for the Living our Values award by visiting


Ayriel Hadley, Casino Operations
Ownership | Nominated by Denise M Modglin, Casino Operations

Robin Johnston, Casino Beverage
Ownership | Nominated by James Waggoner, Casino Ops

Rob Kieffer, Great Food Exposition
Ownership | Nominated by Joshua Gorza, F & B Great Food Exposition

Ronald Pratt, EVS
Ownership | Nominated by Steve Klotz, Marketing


Yolanda Meyers, Casino Operations
Excellence | Nominated by Michael Weary, Casino Operations

Vince Sumner, Casino Operations
Care | Nominated by Nick Collins, Slots

Felicia Siebert, Casino Beverage
Excellence| Nominated by Danny Skipper, Casino Beverage

Eugene Stewart, Security
Care | Nominated by Tori Thomas, Casino Operations

Keith Deickmann, Slots
Care | Nominated by Floyd H. Howard, Slots


Brett LeClair, Revenue Audit
Innovation | Nominated by Josh Nicoloff, Finance

Zach Tosh, Valet
Ownership | Nominated by Nadia Savchenko, Hotel

Dhana Khatiwada, Burger Brothers
Integrity | Nominated by Lauren Elisabeth Beatman, Food & Beverage

Heather Wessels, Building & Grounds
Integrity | Nominated by Nicholas Stemmler, Surveillance

John Temperato, Security
Excellence | Nominated by Fredrick Lee Allen Fitzgerald, Security

Patrick Greathouse, Casino Ops
Care | Nominated by Nicholas Horn, Casino Ops